Place Poelaert

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From the deserted Régence street and view of the magnificent Place Poelaert, also deserted during the April 2020 lockdown.


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Delivery : Approx. 7 working days
Wall Mount Included : Valued at 15.00€
Chair size on the picture : 2m

Acrylic PhotoAcrylic PhotoAluminium DibondAluminium Dibond
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Acrylic Photo


Using state-of-the-art laser exposure systems, WhiteWall creates your photo print with clear contours and powerful colours. Mounting the photo under 2 mm (1/16″) of acrylic glass enhances these characteristics and adds a clear sense of depth to your picture.


  1. Crystal clear acrylic glass
  2. Real photo print & permanently elastic silicone
  3. Sturdy aluminium Dibond backing




Aluminium Dibond


Aluminium Dibond is a composite material. It is 3 mm (1/8 in.) thick and has 3 layers. Two aluminium layers with a platinum white look sandwich a black polyethylene core. The lateral face is black. Your picture printed on aluminium Dibond is a top-grade, robust print with a long lifespan. Due to the low net weight of the material, photos on aluminium Dibond are also fantastic for large formats.


  1. 7-colour print
  2. Aluminium layer with print
  3. Synthetic core