Aluminium Dibond

Your Photo On Aluminium Dibond: Sturdiness For Your Direct Print

Aluminium Dibond is a composite material. It is 3 mm (1/8 in.) thick and has 3 layers. Two aluminium layers with a platinum white look sandwich a black polyethylene core. The lateral face is black. Your picture printed on aluminium Dibond is a top-grade, robust print with a long lifespan. Due to the low net weight of the material, photos on aluminium Dibond are also fantastic for large formats.

  1. 7-colour print
  2. Aluminium layer with print
  3. Synthetic core

High Quality And Durability: The Direct Print On Aluminium Dibond

Water Resistant 7-Colour Print On Aluminium Dibond With UV Fine Art Inks

The substrate is a sheet of aluminium with a white coating. We print directly on the aluminium using a modern, 7-colour technique using top-grade UV Fine Art inks. Colours are highly saturated, even in large monochrome sections. Good tonal gradation ensures accurate reproduction. Direct prints on aluminium are matte and glare-free, but the whites and bright areas have a faint, silky gloss.

Picture Size Comparison Chart: Direct Print On Aluminium Dibond