About the shop

About me…

In 2018, equipped with a small borrowed reflex camera, I landed in New York for a period of 3 months. The custom is to take pictures when you travel. After this experience, mine became to travel to take pictures.


In New York, I discovered a real passion for photography and more particularly for urban photography, this unique way to capture a place, a moment, a scene that can never be reproduced. It is, in fact, impossible to reproduce, for example, the spontaneity of a pedestrian that crosses the road, the mood of a taxi driver or the reflection of the sun on a building. Photography is a reflection of human life.


I discovered the joy that taking a picture from the top of a volcano can bring when, to do so, it is necessary to walk for 5 days, sleep in a tent and carry 5 kilos of equipment. I also discovered the joy of walking around and stumbling across a beautiful place. Here again, we have no control over anything: the cloudy sky, the colors. The art is to find and capture the time and place.


This website has no other claim than to make you discover these moments and places, captured throughout these experiences.

About the quality of print

All my photos are printed in the WhiteWall lab which was voted in 2019 “Best Photo Lab Worldwide”.

Aluminium Dibond


Aluminium Dibond is a composite material. It is 3 mm (1/8 in.) thick and has 3 layers. Two aluminium layers with a platinum white look sandwich a black polyethylene core. The lateral face is black. Your picture printed on aluminium Dibond is a top-grade, robust print with a long lifespan. Due to the low net weight of the material, photos on aluminium Dibond are also fantastic for large formats.

Acrylic Photo


Using state-of-the-art laser exposure systems, WhiteWall creates your photo print with clear contours and powerful colours. Mounting the photo under 2 mm (1/16″) of acrylic glass enhances these characteristics and adds a clear sense of depth to your picture.